I work at both individual and organisational levels to support and achieve long-lasting change.

You may have already identified areas for focus and improvement or require a needs evaluation to obtain more clarity about the options available. A program could include an initial needs evaluation, coaching, facilitated team assessments, workshops and emotional intelligence assessments.

Please contact me to discuss your needs.

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Lead Your Own Change - Tulsi van de Graaff


Lead Your Own Change

Needs Evaluation

I work with you to identify the needs of your organisation, the barriers it is facing and the options for achieving positive organisational change.

Staff and Executive Coaching

Staff and executive coaching

Coaching to develop awareness and a positive focus, overcome barriers and develop skills and knowledge.

Facilitated Team Leadership Sessions

Facilitated team sessions

Sessions to allow your team to develop a shared vision, identify barriers holding them back and a plan of action.

Lead Your Own ChangeEmotional Intelligence, self, 180 and 360 degree assessments

Genos Emotional Intelligence assessments are a powerful opportunity for you and other staff to gain insight and awareness about areas of strength and for improvement when it comes to emotional intelligence as demonstrated in you work life. It also gives important information about the importance that others give to key components of emotional intelligence. The key components include self-awareness, awareness of others, emotional self-regulation, self-management, authenticity and resilience.