Lead Your Own Change MEDIA

Check out some of the blogs I’ve written for Wellbeing Magazine online below. I write on a range of topics with a particular focus on small steps for big transformation. We’re all in the same boat of being human. We all have struggles, feel in a slump at times, feel less confident, or question ourselves. I…

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Volunteering Symposium

Lead Your Own Change - Speaking

I had a wonderful time running a session on Ten Self Care Strategies that can Transform Your Life. Volunteering Symposium 21/06/16 Volunteering Symposium 22/06/16 Volunteering Symposium 27/06/16

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5 reasons why discomfort is your friend

Lead Your Own Change

I often see wonderful people shying away from opportunities or avoiding what they know in their heart they should do, because of the associated discomfort. The discomfort I’m talking about is anything that is emotionally uncomfortable. It could be anxiety, fear or stress, often combined with thoughts like: Can I do this? I can’t do it.…

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Dress for Success

Lead Your Own Change Dress-for-success

I am very privileged to work with Dress for Success Sydney. Dress for Success supports women in need to find employment. I run workshops for women in need on Trusting in Your Ability, Finding your Vision and Goal Setting and Time Management and I also run coaching training for professional women who coach the DFSS…

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