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Belinda Allport

Department of Justice NSW

Tulsi is positive, proactive and in touch with what people need and react well to. She works hard to develop a contemporary and unique approach to tackling the issues that can occur in transforming organisations. Tulsi has been an integral part of our team building and culture change program. She has worked with individual staff and teams as they transition into a new working environment. Hearing how she "changed lives" and provided "the best team development sessions ever" is common. She's motivating, inspirational and a pleasure to work with!

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Lead Your Own Change - Tulsi van de Graaff


Georgia de Graaff

Consultant at Thermomix in Australia

We engaged Tulsi to initiate a cultural change in our leadership team. Tulsi is a highly skilled and enthusiastic facilitator who creates a fun yet safe environment. She encourages attendees to open up and then work collaboratively to come up with their own solutions. Tulsi's ability to overcome barriers and inspire others saw our team create a new way of working together, leading to improved results and satisfaction levels. I would thoroughly recommend Tulsi to run either one-off or a series of training, coaching and facilitating programs at any organisation.

Caroline Caceres

Learning and Development Consultant

Tulsi’s passion to maximise potential and lead change is evident in every aspect of her work.
I was very fortunate to meet Tulsi through our work for Dress for Success, I was immediately drawn to her professionalism, warmth, and generosity. Her wonderful communication skills allow her to truly engage her audience and create a collaborative and supportive learning environment.
Tulsi's authentic and engaging facilitation style is complemented perfectly, by her wealth of knowledge and experience.
Tulsi is a true source of inspiration in my work.

Catherine Melville

Director, People and Culture, Sydney TAFE

Tulsi’s presentations make many on TED look a little limp. She brings together factual acuity (the lawyer) and people engagement (the mediator) in such a way that people learn broadly and deeply. Tulsi is careful and caring. Watch her space as she becomes more and more successful. Or, engage her now.

Emily Dodd

Marketing Manager at CLINTONS TOYOTA

I attended Tulsi's training course, 'Dealing With Difficult Situations' at Toyota Australia. Attending her course was very informative and she was able to provide many useful tools to use in the work environment. Her course was very engaging and provided some great tools on managing different personalities within the workplace and how to communicate on a range of levels with people.

Julie Stowe

Assistant Head of Junior School at Green Point Christian College

Tulsi is a presenter extraordinaire. Recently I attended a 3 day training course led by Tulsi and emerged motivated, equipped and ready to confidently put theory into practise. Tulsi's engaging, professional approach ensured that course content was accessible to all participants. Tulsi masterfully achieved this through her highly structured, well-paced content outcomes. I recommend Tulsi without hesitation.

Vivienne Somers

Co Founder CEO at PLE

I would strongly recommend Tulsi’s services for any company looking for immediate conflict resolution within their management teams. My company was able to positively resolve management issues in a short period, with ease and clarity. Tulsi’s legal and psychology background offer unique combined skills that can inform teams as to both their legal and inter working relationship positions and then instruct and support them in order to quickly arrive at positive outcomes with long term benefits for both the individuals working within an organisation and the organisation as a whole.

Holi Birman

PhD Candidate, Palliative Care Researcher, UNSW Australia

Tulsi has provided me with several coaching sessions, all of which have been extremely valuable both personally and professionally. As a coach, Tulsi is very easy to communicate with, and her passion to make a difference to the lives of the people she works with was apparent immediately: she was fully engaged and committed to supporting me, and she really put me at ease. Tulsi listens attentively and compassionately and provides coaching advice that is underpinned by sound knowledge and wisdom. Her deep insight is balanced with a great sense of humour and enthusiasm and I genuinely had fun during our coaching sessions and left feeling both motivated and inspired to put into practice what we had discussed together. The coaching process itself was empowering to me because it felt that we were working together: Tulsi held the space for me and drew out the potential of my own ideas, helping me to translate them into action. I'd highly recommend Tulsi to anyone seeking to be coached. She is adaptable, open minded, creative in her approach and thinking, and an absolute joy to work with.

Bronwyn Thornton

Arrowsmith Program Teacher & Administrator at 3Bridges Community

Tulsi has contracted to our organisation as a trainer/facilitator for several years.
She comes with a wealth of knowledge on the community sector, management, and the legal system. Tulsi is flexible and adaptable and able to tailor sessions and courses to meet the needs of the group and the organisation. I would recommend her to anyone looking for training in areas of her expertise which is very broad.